Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Classroom - 2012

So here are some pictures of my classroom - as it stood in early 2012. As I'm on sick leave at the moment, I don't have any more current photos to add, but I'll definitely be adding them when I'm well and back at work!! Almost all of the things in these photos have been moved, changed, added to, updated... Nothing really stays still in my classroom too long!

My Positive Tree Bunting
I use the Positive Tree with my class to build connections and develop more positive relationships between the kids. I have a box of 'leaves' that I've printed on coloured paper and cut out that are available to the kids throughout the day. As they (or I!) find something positive to 'dob' on someone else for, they anonymously write a positive on a leaf and then put it in the Positives box. Once a week during eating time, I open the box and we read all the positive comments. The kids love it, I love it and best of all, it's a way for me to monitor some of the things I didn't even get time to notice happening in my classroom.

The Beginnings of the Positive Tree
This year's Positive Tree - the very humble beginning! After I've read the positives aloud, I staple them to the tree. It got so big I had to move it to a pinboard of its own! At the end of the year, the kids get to keep their positives. They write me positives too - it's a great ego boost :D

Published Writers Wall
I found a few pins on Pinterest that gave me inspiration at the beginning of the school year - one of the coolest ideas I found was using clipboards to display work. I made these by creating a template and then cutting out different coloured and patterned scrapbook paper. I chose a contrasting sheet for under the names and those I made on the computer. The kids add their own work throughout the term - they choose pieces they are most proud of to display. And when they have nothing up, I still have a pretty and colourful display!

Part of the Classroom Library
Another view of the Positive Tree and part of my Classroom Library. I love reading and I think it's so important to create an inviting, colourful zone for kids to read (if they choose to). I have pillows and cushions that the kids can choose to take to their tables as well. Over the years, I've found that the kids are much more inclined to read during Independent Reading sessions if they can choose where to sit!

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